MediaGet 1.12.057 Multilanguage

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MediaGet 1.12.057 Multilanguage

Mensaje por Evilkitty85 el Dom Nov 14, 2010 11:47 pm

MediaGet 1.12.057 Multilanguage

MediaGet 1.12.057 Multilanguage | 10.76 MB

MediaGet - Utility to search and download media files to open the torrent tracker. Everyone who uses the Internet, used to download from a network of different music, movies or games directly from the server. But there are situations when your favorite sites required file is missing for some reason ... In these cases, the aid comes a wonderful service MediaGet, which will give you access to the world of private peering networks, in which it is possible to find almost any file you want. Whether it is a rare music, the recently released movie or any program - all this can be downloaded using MediaGet. The program supports a huge number of public torrent trackers, you can easily find the file you want and download at maximum speed.

Main Advantages:
* Easy Search
* Ability to search for files necessary for you size
* Easy installation
* Lack of registration
* EET need in the rankings
* Does not necessarily give away the file

Link: MediaGet.rar/


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